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For the love of Red #fashion #spread created by #vanya

Ever think you belong in The Devil Wears Prada? Or that you would make the perfect addition to Carrie Bradshaw's Birkin toting, Blahnik wearing clique? Well, then you've definitely come to the right place! Get ready for a barrage of the best in fashion from online meccas from across the globe, and the best part is, its a barrage you can play with. And that's what FQ - the Bradshaw of the fashion world- is all about; loving fashion with a vengeance.

What's love got to do with it? Everything. At least that's what we at the FQ Headquarters believe in. In fact, we believe in this so much that we took our love for fashion and turned it into something for everyone! Generally we don't like sharing our style secrets with just anybody, but we decided to make an exception this time. So welcome to FQuotient - we just took fashion to a whole new level.

We're not nice all the time but we do love our FQ Insiders! Being on the inside, they get access to the incredibly hard to get 'FQurator' that lets them feature their sartorial finds for the world to play with in their spreads! This is the runway where insiders decide what sashays down the ramp. If you're a trendsetter in the making, FQ is sure to be the reason you get there!

Join us:

If you think you have the right fit, write to us at hello@fquotient.com

Hasta la vista fashionista!